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I’ll Do It Anyway - The Lemonheads feat. Belinda Carlisle - 1993

Happy lil theme tune for stickin to yr guns x

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Every time I type a ‘v’ in a text, my phone predicts I wanna say ‘victims’…lol anticipating the day I finally crack?

  -  29 March 2014


if i hang out with you when i dont have my eyebrows on then you know it’s real for me and i love you with my rawest self

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this little colourful art rat exploring pastels on the table. we patted him with pastels on our fingers and this happened hehehe


vincent van gogh the rat passed away goodbye sweet prince

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Hey Arnold! - Arnold’s Halloween 1997

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Peaches in my sketchbook



Oh gawd

I haven’t been on tumblr for a while and now I’m back and as I scroll down my dash I just want to reblog every post.

We didn’t have wifi in our flat and all the internetting i did was looking at fb normies on my phone and now you’re all too cool for me to handle and I’ve forgotten how to blog.

Also we booked a trip to NYC for 10 days in September and it’s such a huge deal for me to go to America. It’s a bit gross to admit, but that’s been my dream forever wahhh!

  -  25 March 2014

I hope that when we watch a sports game in America weird shit like this happens and it makes me cry like Stephen Fry did at that highschool football game.